Papers, Publications, &c.


Here, you will find working papers etc. and an updated list of my publications with PDFs where allowed.

Working Papers & Projects

  • “Owl and Eagle: The Young Hegelians and the Future”
  • “Cannibals and Animals of Capital” | Current draft PDF
  • “All or Nothing: Althusser, Feuerbach and the Method of Inversion” | Current (unfinished) draft PDF
  • “Marx and Digital Humanities: An STM Approach to Re-Reading Capital”; with Benjamin C. K. Egerod.
  • “Friedrich Engels and Marxism as the Apex of Human Thought” | Current draft PDF
  • “Macedonians and Teutons. Symbolic Topography and Metaphors of Space in Young Hegelianism” | Current draft PDF
  • “A Queer Reading of Karl Marx’s Relationship to K. F. Köppen”


“Karl Marx and the Young Hegelians”. Critical Social Theory at McGill seminar, McGill University, December 7 2019.

“All or Nothing: A Critique of Althusser’s Conception of Feuerbach”. Historical Materialism 15th Annual Conference, SOAS University of London, November 2018.

“Alt eller intet: En kritik af Althussers opfattelse af Feuerbach”. 2018 Annual Meeting, Danish Philosophical Society, University of Roskilde, March 2018.

“Friedrich Engels and Marxism as the Apex of Human Thought”. 2017 General Conference, European Consortium for Political Research, University of Oslo, September 2017.

“Duzbrüder: Edgar Bauer og hans forhold til Marx”. Marx Nu! 2016, Aarhus University, September 2016.

“Engels’ anvendelse af hegelianske begreber”. 2016 Annual Meeting, Danish Philosophical Society University of Copenhagen, March 2016.



Ziegler, Magnus Møller. “Douglas Burnham, Peter Lamb: The First Marx: A Philosophical Introduction” (review). Marx & Philosophy Review of Books, forthcoming.


Dias, Tobias & Magnus Møller Ziegler. “Karl Marx: Redaktionelt forord”. Slagmark 77, 7-20 | link | PDF

Dias, Tobias & Magnus Møller Ziegler. “Marx i Amerika: Et interview med professor Andrew Hartman”. Slagmark 77, 133-148 | PDF

Marx, Karl & Arnold Ruge. “To breve (1843)”. Translated by Magnus Møller Ziegler. Slagmark 77, 97-102 | PDF

Ziegler, Magnus Møller. “To breve af Arnold Ruge og Karl Marx”. Slagmark 77, 87-96 | PDF

Ziegler, Magnus Møller. “Rücksichtslose Kritik alles Bestehenden”. junge Welt, May 5 2018 | link

Ziegler, Magnus Møller. “Marx 200. Marx in Context: The Beginnings fo a Critical Theory”. Morning Star, May 4 2018 | link

Ziegler, Magnus Møller. “Marx 200 år. Træk af en ung Karl Marx”. Dagbladet Arbejderen, May 4 2018 | link


Dias, Tobias & Magnus Møller Ziegler. “Marx in the United States. An Interview”. U.S. Intellectual History Blog, October 4 2017 | link

Ziegler, Magnus Møller. “Kapitalen. Verdens vigtigste værk”. Dagbladet Arbejderen, September 14 2017 | link


Ziegler, Magnus Møller. “Post hoc! Valget er fyldt med logiske fejlslutninger”. Kommunikationsforum, June 11 2015 | link


Ziegler, Magnus Møller. “Roskilde Festival: Das größte Festival Nordeuropas als reaktionäres Massenphänomen”. Melodie & Rythmus (No. 5), September-October 2014 | link


MA Thesis

My Master’s thesis, University of Copenhagen, 2016 (in Danish) | PDF

Prize Paper Submission

My submission for the University of Copenhagen’s prize paper contest 2016 in the subject of the history of philosophy (in Danish). It was hastely written (most of it in 2 weeks) and, quite fairly, it was not recommended for a prize by the assessment committe, yet it might be of interest to some so here you go | PDF

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